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Improving SEO through PR

Most people, including the majority of PR professionals, have no idea about the impact that online media exposure can have on search engine optimisation (SEO) for key search terms. Likewise, SEO experts don’t typically understand how PR works or how to go about getting credible media coverage with links included. That’s why it’s good to choose an agency, (like ours, or our partner agency; Fresh Brands, that understands modern marketing as a whole and takes an integrated approach.

High-quality backlinks from major media sites are seen as a vote of confidence by the search engines.

SEO is divided in to two main types: On-Site and Off-Site.

On Site SEO is all about how you structure and write your copy on your site so that search engines like Google, list and understand what your site is about so that your site gets listed in the results for search terms your potential customers are looking for.

Off-Site SEO is about building back links. The more high-quality links on other web pages back to your site – the better. Not all links are created equal, however. In fact, some links will even get you penalised, including links from paid sponsorships and spam sites which have been identified as “link farms” by search engines.

News sites and major blogs are some of the biggest, most popular and most authoritative on the web. Natural editorial coverage with links to your site (especially when these are properly optimised for keywords) are highly trusted by search engines and will improve your ranking in their search listings. In essence, these high-quality backlinks from major media sites are seen as a vote of confidence by the search engines.

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